• Disable MPD server auto-reconnect

    Added option to disable auto-reconnect per MPD server. Select the auto-reconnect interval from the server Preferences tab in the MPD server details view.

    MPD server preferences tab

    MPD server auto reconnect interval

    MPD server disconnected view

  • Album art for cue-sheet tracks

    Guess that a path is from a cue-sheet to find the album art in the cue-sheet directory ( SettingsAlbum artTruncate cue-sheet directory path).

  • Option to copy track details

    Added option to copy track details from the track details view ( SettingsBehaviorTrack info selectable).
    Tap once to select the text, tap again to follow links.

    Track info text selection

    Track info selection preferences

  • Mute and interactive volume popup

    The volume popup is now interactive. Tap the speaker icon to mute/un-mute.

    Volume popup