• Launcher shortcuts

    To create launcher shortcuts for albums and playlists from within the application: Long press album or playlist to open the actions dialog then select "Create shortcut"

    The name of the album or playlist can optionally be included in the shortcut icon. SettingsWidgetsShow name on launcher icon.

    Add to home screen

  • Pause on phone call

    To pause playback on phone call enable SettingsBehaviorPause on phone call.

    This requires the phone state permission.

    The Active player notification will also be turned on to allow this to work when MAFA is in the background.

    Pause on phone call permission

  • Auto select MPD outputs

    Auto select MPD outputs when HTTP streaming is enabled/disabled.

    Each output can be linked to the state of HTTP streaming so it is automatically turned on/off or unchanged when HTTP streaming is enabled or disabled.

    Auto select output options

    Auto select output dialog

  • Bug fix

    Fixed Album-by-album-artist not adding to queue correctly.