• Android 12 support

    Please turn off battery optimizations for MAFA to allow background http streaming and updates to active player notification, and widgets.

  • Older Android versions

    Removed support for android versions older than 5 (API 21).

  • Added new highlight color options for dark themes

    Dark themes highlight colors

    To change the highlight color of a dark theme, tap the selected theme's icon repeatedly to rotate between the available highlight colors.

  • Recently updated sort by date

    Added an option to sort Recently updated items by last-modification date as well as by name.

  • One-shot single mode

    Single oneshot player mode

    Added support for single oneshot MPD player mode. Oneshot means single mode will only apply to the currently playing track and will reset automatically when MPD moves to the next track.

    One tap on the single mode button in the play options will set single mode. Tap again to set oneshot single mode.
    (This requires MPD version 0.21.0)

  • Current track follower

    Added a new preference for the player queue track follower ( SettingsBehaviorCurrent track follower mode) or long press the follower icon:

    Minimally scroll to make visible
    The list is scrolled just enough to make the current track visible.
    Center scroll to make visible
    The list is scrolled to bring the current track to the center of the queue only if it's not fully visible.
    Always center current track
    The list is always scrolled to keep the current track at the center of the queue.
  • Bug fixes

    Fixed: startup page resets to default unexpectedly and possible crash.