• Added support for Conductor, Label, and Work tags
  • Unsupported tags are not shown in the UI
  • The UI can be customized to only show tags of interest
  • Fixed: albums grid was not updating properly after changing grid size and title
  • Fixed: albums by-album-artist was not being applied in recently-updated and search
  • Bug fixes

Release 1.3.0

  • New feature: group albums by date, genre, etc.
  • Active player notification can be dismissed manually
  • Bookmarks sorted alphabetically
  • Bug fixes

Release 1.2.9

  • Fixed location permission handling for WiFi ssid restriction on Android 10
  • Added album art to media session (used by external media controllers such as Always On Display)
  • Minor fixes

Release 1.2.8

  • Added media session to active player notification to allow control by media controllers. On some devices this will enable showing player controls in Always On Display when the notification is enabled in the settings
  • Added "Compact" item to player queue menu (shortcut for SettingsAppearancePlayer queue display mode)
  • Minor fixes

Release 1.2.7

  • Volume slider made more responsive by updating status after every volume change
  • New preference: option to hide the active player notification when playing stopped ( SettingsNotifications)
  • Code updated to latest android support libraries

Release 1.2.6 / 275

  • Bug fix: crash when media buttons used after streaming stopped

Release 1.2.6

  • HTTP streaming (only with internal player):
    • Handle media buttons: option to pause/play previous/next from connected Bluetooth headset or external speaker
    • Handle becoming noisy: option to stop playing when headset is disconnected and playing is about to resume from the internal speaker
    • Handle audio focus: stop playing or lower volume when another app is using sound
    • Preferences: SettingsHttp streaming
  • Bug fixes

Release 1.2.5

  • New preference: Show album covers in files view ( SettingsAppearanceShow album art in files view)

Release 1.2.4

  • Selection between Artists and Album Artists view is persisted
  • Add/Play from here can be set as default click action for album tracks ( SettingsBehaviorAlbum track click action)

Release 1.2.3

Permission for coarse location is required in Android Pie for the WiFi network restriction to work (can be safely denied if not using this feature).

  • Fixed: WiFi SSID restriction requires location permission in Android Pie
  • Fixed: Restore replay gain bug
  • Fixed: Themes in Android older than Lollipop