Release 1.1.14

  • New preference: select the startup view

    SettingsBehaviorStartup view
    Or long press an item in the navigation view to make it the startup view (repeat to reset to default)

Added to-do list

To-do list page added with features in development and planning.

Release 1.1.13

  • New preference: always stop streams instead of pausing

    SettingsBehaviorDon't pause streams

  • Added a new player widget
  • Widgets now have dark and light modes
Player widget: dark

Player widget: dark

Mini player widget: dark

Mini player widget: dark

Player widget: light

Player widget: light

Mini player widget: light

Mini player widget: light

To switch between dark and light widget: click the bottom left icon in the player widget or the left edge of the mini player widget.

Release 1.1.12

MAFA as a local music player:

  • Added shortcut to install MPD on the device (Servers management)
  • Automatically add local MPD server if installed
  • Added convenience links to app info and play store in the help screen menu

Release 1.1.11

  • Fixed: queue list fast scrolling and item click overlap

Release 1.1.10 / 195

Bug fixes:

  • Possible app stop condition fixed
  • Improved separation between fast scroll and queue item click

Release 1.1.10

  • Player queue: Added option to filter by other tags in addition to title
  • Player queue: Shortcut to enter filter mode by double tapping the toolbar
  • Added option to skip tracks using the hardware volume buttons SettingsBehaviorHardware volume buttons
  • Albums mode: updated to support protocol changes in MPD 0.20.22
  • Bug fixes

Release 1.1.9

New player queue features:

  • Filter by title text
  • Move track position
  • Move track to next in play order
  • Set track priority for random mode

New volume control:

  • Swipe up/down with two fingers to control the volume
  • Sensitivity can be changed in the settings

Release 1.1.8 / 174

Albums mode is disabled for MPD v0.20.22 because of a breaking change in MPD protocol. A fix will available in future MAFA release.

Release 1.1.8

  • New feature: bookmarks
  • Reorganized settings
  • Added more shortcuts in navigation drawer
Read more about bookmarks