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Release 1.8.0

  • Album art as background in the player view SettingsAppearanceAlbum art as player background

    Album art as player background

    Album art as player background

  • Experimental automation intents SettingsAutomationEnable automation

Release 1.7.10

  • Added: option to display title in files view
    Files showing title

    Files showing title

    Files showing file name

    Files showing file name

  • Fixed: showing reason in disconnected view
  • Fixed: active player notification missing controls in Android 13
  • Support for new features in next MPD version 0.24:
    • Added consume oneshot support
    • Added append or replace option to queue save to playlist

Release 1.7.8

Usability improvements

  • Add track to a playlist directly from the queue item actions dialog:
    Queue item actions

    Queue item actions

  • The on/off toggle state of favorite and bookmark: is highlighted for better visibility:
    Actions selection popup

    Actions selection popup

  • MPD server commands: command availability is color encoded for better visibility:
    MPD server commands

    MPD server commands

  • Clear player queue warning: now also when selecting "Play now":
    Clear player queue warning

    Clear player queue warning

  • Grid swipe action: increased the activation drag area to make it easier to swipe small grid items:
    Grid swipe action

    Grid swipe action

Release 1.7.7

  • MPD partitions support

    Partitions in MPD are separate players each with its own playback queue and outputs. Requires MPD 0.22 or newer.

    If not using partitions you can disable this functionality from: SettingsPartitionsEnable partitions support

    Read more about MPD partitions support in MAFA

    Partitions settings

    Player options

    Partitions management

  • Bug fixes

Release 1.7.6

  • Multi word search and queue filter: added option to search for exact term or for multiple words
    Multi-word queue search

    Multi-word queue search

Release 1.7.5

  • Fixed: text highlight when filtering lists changing character case
  • Fixed: back arrow not closing mpd server preference activity

Release 1.7.4 (550)

  • Fixed: crash when searching in Korean language.

Release 1.7.4

  • Control MPD volume with device's hardware buttons when MAFA is in the background (Android < 12) SettingsBehaviorHardware volume buttons

Release 1.7.3

  • Fixed issue with multiple player widgets for different MPD servers
  • Increased limit of radio station streaming URL length

Release 1.7.2

  • Disable MPD server auto-reconnect

    Added option to disable auto-reconnect per MPD server. Select the auto-reconnect interval from the server Preferences tab in the MPD server details view.

    MPD server preferences tab

    MPD server auto reconnect interval

    MPD server disconnected view

  • Album art for cue-sheet tracks

    Guess that a path is from a cue-sheet to find the album art in the cue-sheet directory ( SettingsAlbum artTruncate cue-sheet directory path).

  • Option to copy track details

    Added option to copy track details from the track details view ( SettingsBehaviorTrack info selectable).
    Tap once to select the text, tap again to follow links.

    Track info text selection

    Track info selection preferences

  • Mute and interactive volume popup

    The volume popup is now interactive. Tap the speaker icon to mute/un-mute.

    Volume popup