About MPD partitions

Partitions in MPD are separate players each with its own playback queue and outputs.

If there are multiple outputs configured, MPD can simultaneously play different music from each output by assigning outputs to different partitions each with a different player queue.

Requires MPD 0.22 or newer.


Partitions are not persistent

When MPD is restarted it doesn't remember partitions that were added by client. It starts with only the default partition and partitions that are defined in MPD configuration file. MPD also doesn't save the state of partitions other than the default partition, and not the outputs associations to partitions.

Partition names are limited

A partition name can contain only ascii alpha numeric characters, hyphen, and underscore.

Partition in use can't be delete

A partition can't be deleted while still in use by a client or if it still has an output associated with it.

Limited number of partitions

The number of partitions is limited to 16.

MPD configuration

To define partitions in MPD configuration file see: Configuring Partitions Example:

partition {
name: "Partition_1"
partition {
name: "Partition_2"

Partitions support in MAFA


SettingsPartitionsEnable partitions support

Enable partitions support

If not using partitions you can disable this functionality from the GUI.

Remember last used partition

If checked, MAFA will select the last used partition when it connects to MPD server. Otherwise it always starts in the default partition.

Quick access

In the player view, long press the player title to open the partition selection dialog.

If SettingsFavoritesShow in player title is disabled, then just a tap on the player title will open the partition selection dialog.

Player options

  • Select the current partition from the partitions popup.
  • Open the partitions management from the settings icon.
  • Associate an output with the current partition by tapping the + icon.

Partitions management

  • Create a new partition by tapping the + icon.
  • Delete partitions by long pressing a partition to select it, and then tapping the delete icon.