From the track actions menu (long press a track)

  • Select the Bookmark action to set or to unset a bookmark
  • Select the Resume action to resume playing the track at bookmark time

From the player view

  • Select the Bookmark icon to set a bookmark, or to open the bookmark dialog if a bookmarks was already set
  • From the bookmark dialog the bookmark can be unset, updated, or resumed

From the bookmarks view

  • Browse all the bookmarks
  • Select bookmarks to unset

Bookmark settings

Bookmark resume player state
When a bookmark is resumed it is added to the player queue and the player state can be set to be either: left unchanged, pause, play
Open player when bookmark resumed
Turn on to automatically open the player view when a bookmark is resumed
Resume bookmark when clicked
Turn on to automatically resume bookmark when a bookmarked track is clicked
Bookmark resume offset
Select to resume bookmarks at an offset before the exact bookmark time
Auto bookmark on pause
Turn on to automatically bookmark the currently playing track when it is paused
Auto bookmark limit
Limit the auto bookmark on pause option only to tracks of duration longer than a centain time


Bookmarks are not working
Bookmarks require the sticker MPD command. Older MPD versions or special MPD setups may not support this command.
Some tracks can not be bookmarked
Only tracks that have a defined duration and are normal files in the MPD database can be bookmarked.
Tracks without a duration or of types such as HTTP URLs can not be bookmarked.