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Album art

Album Art Troubleshooting

Solving album art issues Read more →

Album Art Cache

Manage the local album art cache Read more →

HTTP Album Art

Configure album cover art download from a HTTP server Read more →

MPD Album Art

MPD 0.21.0 supports album cover art download directly from MPD server Read more →

Albums options

Albums Options

MAFA can list albums by title or by title and album-artist. Choose the right mode for your music collection. Choose by-title for multi artist albums, choose by-album-artist for duplicate album titles by different artists. Read more →



MAFA lets you set bookmarks on audio tracks to resume playback where you left off. Automatic bookmarks can be configured to be set when pausing playback. Most useful for audio books and other longer tracks. Read more →


Supported MPD compatible servers

MAFA supports the MPD protocol and audio servers that implement this protocol Read more →


forked-daapd is not supported by MAFA due to a protocol violation Read more →


Mopidy prior to version 2.2.1 is not supported due to missing idle command Read more →

HTTP Streaming

HTTP Streaming

MPD HTTP streaming lets you stream music from your MPD music server and listen to it on your android device. MAFA makes it easy to configure and you can choose between an internal media player or an external player of your choice. Read more →

MPD connection

Connection Indications

MPD connection indicators Read more →

Network Type Restrictions

Restricting the network type on which MAFA will attempt to connect to MPD server Read more →

WiFi Network Restriction

Limiting MPD server connection to specific WiFi network Read more →


Coarse Location Permission

Coarse location permission required on Android Pie for the WIFi restriction to work Read more →


Player Options

Player options: repeat, random, single, consume Read more →

Stop vs. Pause

Tap the Pause button to pause or long press the Pause button to stop. Read more →

Server Info

MPD Server Info

View MPD server stats, update db, manage album art cache Read more →

MPD Database Update

Update or rescan MPD database from the server info or files view Read more →

Shared URL

Accepting shared URL

Accept shared URL from other applications. Read more →


Tags visibility

Manage tags visibility: select tags of interest and hide other tags from the UI Read more →