• Main Screen

    • Navigate your music collection starting from albums, artists, genres, composers, performers, or files down to individual tracks.
    • You can always return to this screen with the back arrow.
    • Long press an item to make it the default start-up view (long press again to reset to the default).
    • Customize by selecting items to show/hide, re-order items, and show/hide tag counts.
  • Navigation Drawer

    • Pull the navigation drawer from the left on any screen to navigate to any section
    • Tap the server icon to go to the MPD server details
    • Tap the server address to select MPD server
  • Albums list

    • Select albums mode: by title or by album artist
    • Tap album to go to album details
    • Swipe left to add to player queue, swipe right to replace player queue
    • Long press for all actions including adding to playlist
    • The other lists of artists, genres, composers, performs, and files behave the same
  • Albums grid

    • Select albums mode: by title or by album artist
    • Long press for all actions including adding to playlist
    • Configurable display size: small, medium, or large
    • Configurable title placement: without, below, or over the image
    Albums grid options
    Albums grid

    Albums grid

  • Album groups

    Group albums by date, genre, artist, and other tags

    Albums grouped by genre

    Albums grouped by genre

  • Album details

    Tap the down arrow on the tabs line to select which details tabs appear under each tag details.

  • Player


    • Swipe left/right or use the arrows to move to the next/previous track

    Seek forward/rewind

    • Tap to seek by the step defined in SettingsBehaviorFast forward/rewind step
      The default step is 10th of the duration.
    • Hold to keep stepping
    • Double tap to rewind all the way or go forward to the end


    • Tap the duration to toggle between elapsed and remaining time
    • Optionally show audio format of the playing track ( SettingsAppearanceShow current track audio format)
    • Optionally show the date of the playing track ( SettingsAppearanceShow date in album and track lists)
  • Player queue

    • Tap a track to toggle play/pause (configurable in the settings)
    • Tap the track image to open the track control dialog
    • Swipe right to toggle play/pause
    • Swipe left to remove from the player queue
    • Long press to drag a track to re-order position in the queue
    • Select compact or full view
  • Track control dialog

    Control the selected track:

    • Share current track info
    • Add to playlist
    • Toggle favorite
    • Open details of track, album, or artist
    • Track play, pause, or stop
    • Bookmark toggle, resume, or update
    • Set the track's priority up or down (play order in Random mode)
    • Move the track's position in the queue up or down
    • Move the track's position in the queue to top or bottom
    • Move the track's position in the queue to the next in play order
    • Remove the track from the queue
  • Player options

    Control the player options:

    Player options screenshot

    Player options

  • HTTP Streaming

    • Configure MPD http streaming to listen to music on the device
    • Select internal or external player

    Read more about HTTP streaming

  • Partitions

    Partitions in MPD are separate players each with its own playback queue and outputs.

    • Select the current partition from the partitions popup.
    • Open the partitions management from the settings icon.
    • Associate an output with the current partition by tapping the + icon.

    Read more about MPD partitions support

    • Search any text
    • Filter results by tag
    • Group results by tag or sort alphabetically
    • Match exact term or multiple words
    • Search history

    Search view with options

  • Recent changes

    • Find what has changed recently
    • Tap the title to select time period or date to find changes since
    • Filter results by tag
    • Group results by tag or sort alphbetically
    Recent changes

    Recently updated

  • Favorites

    • Add any type of tag or playlist to your favorites list


    • Favorites can be easily accessed from the popup menu in player view
      Favorites quick links from player

      Favorites quick links from player

    • Filter lists to show favorites-only
      Showing only favorite albums

      Showing only favorite albums

  • Bookmarks

    • Set bookmark on track
    • Resume play at bookmark time
  • Radio Stations

    An online stream URL can have some metadata added to it such as image, name, country, etc. When that URL is found in the player queue the metadata will be attached to the playing item.

    Metadata can be added manually or optionally looked up in the radio-browser community database ( SettingsRadio StationsEnable radio browser).

    Radio stations information is provided courtesy of the radio-browser-info project through its HTTP API.

  • Server selection

    Select MPD server

    Open the servers management screen to add remove or edit servers

  • MPD Server Details

    Server info

    Server info

  • Servers management

  • Playlists



  • Playlist player options

    • Set player options to automatically apply when the playlist is loaded
    • Each player option can be assigned to ON OFF or UNCHANGED
    Playlist player options

    Playlist player options

  • Files

    • Browse files
    • Sort by name or date
    • Optionally show last modification date
    • Optionally show album art
  • Widgets

    • Add widgets and playlist shortcuts to your home screen for any number of different MPD servers
    • A minimal single row player widget
    • A two row player widget with album cover art
    • To switch between dark and light theme: click the bottom left icon in the player widget or the left edge of the mini player widget
    MAFA widgets

    MAFA widgets

  • Themes

    Select between 12 color themes and 3 list densities.

    Theme selection

    Theme selection

  • Settings

    Customize Behavior, Appearance, Bookmarks, Favorites, Notifications, Album Art, HTTP Streaming, Radio Stations, Network, and Performance.